Brewed by the community
For the community

Fusion Pale Ale

– 5.1% –

Launching & pouring

February 8th – 6pm

What is it?

Fusion Pale Ale is a cross supplier collaboration designed to drive footfall to independent venues across the UK. A 5.1% Pale Ale, Fusion will be launched on February 8th at 6pm.

Thanks to the commitment of partners in offering their supplies for free, the beer has been designed and brewed by Track Brewing Co. in order to offer a competitively priced keg, allowing bars to make a disproportionate GP on every pint sold.

All project partners understand the challenges facing independent venues across the country - from rising inflation squeezing margins to health related campaigns meaning a quieter trading period in January - so this was our chance to give something back to the trade, support venues and kick-start the year in February with Fusion Day. There is a commitment from all involved to make this a yearly event.

"We wanted to do something to instil action in consumers and to provide tangible benefits to those at the front line, rather than just talking about it."

David Beattie

Senior Client Director at Continuous

“For me personally, I also think it’s also an opportunity for some of the best ingredients suppliers in the world to come together with one of the country’s best brewers and make something truly special to benefit the on-trade"

Luke Kulchstein

Marketing Lead, Europe at Yakima Chief Hops

"Our collective goal was simple; make a delicious, fairly-priced keg that drives revenue directly to local bars during this difficult time."

Stefan Melbourne

Events & Creative Manager at Track Brewing Co

where to Drink

Fusion Pale Ale is available whilst stocks last at the below venues. It will launch at 6pm on Thursday 8th of February.


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how to Stock

For information on how to get involved with Fusion Day 2024, or to register your interest for next year, please contact the sales team at Track Brewing.


who to Contact

For more information about this project please contact David Beattie (Continuous).