An Alternative View

April 5, 2023

January 31, 2023

It’s time for boys to get periods

Former Intern, Millie Harrison’s contribution to our online series, An Alternative View

Millie Harrison

Former Intern

A changing world needs an alternative view. Fed up of the taboos surrounding menstruation, Millie Harrison shares her educational campaign to ban period shaming for good.

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Did you know, 72% of boys have never had a lesson about periods. 

So, is it any wonder that 1 in 5 women have felt period shame due to comments from a male friend?

21% of girls have admitted they fear going to school on their periods in case their male classmates find out and make fun of them; causing them to miss vital education.

But what’s more is that these boys grow up to be uninformed partners, husbands, friends and colleagues.

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To challenge this head on, the agency believes it is necessary to tackle the problem at the root of the issue: in schools.

Millie Harrison's ‘It's time for boys to get periods’ is a campaign to include boys in this conversation from an earlier age.

Executed across posters, educational packs, online videos and social posts, the campaign ensures that boys can 'get periods' even outside of the classroom.

Ambient materials in boys’ bathrooms, playgrounds, and social areas give a more holistic reflection of what their female peers’ experiences are like.

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The ambition? 

Millie would love for this to be picked up by mainstream menstruation brands, to give support to educational bodies, and to make boys more well-rounded men for generations to come.

Millie said: "Teaching kids about periods is so important in creating a better, more compassionate society.

"Not only does it help those children who will menstruate to better understand what’s happening with their bodies, but it also allows for those who won’t, to become more empathetic and accepting of this completely natural thing that happens!"

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The final result is a bit cheeky, but it invites people to learn and reflect. 

What better way to raise the issue of a taboo subject than with a bit of fun!"

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