June 24, 2024

Are you sipping comfortably: The importance of brand storytelling in the drinks sector

From forming emotional connections to creating differentiation in an overcrowded market, here’s how mastering storytelling can transform your drinks brand’s connection to customers

Olivia Downing

Associate Creative Director

“Ultimately, it’s not just about selling a drink – it’s about sharing a story that consumers want to be a part of”

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Today’s drinks consumers are drowning in choice.

And when everyone looks the same, and is saying the same thing, it can be tough for brands to stand out and forge meaningful relationships with their audience.

This is where brand storytelling can really help.

Whether it’s through an emotional, authentic film or a stand out brand identity, it’s a potent technique we use with our own clients that not only captures attention, but builds a deep, emotional connection with customers.

Associate Creative Director, Olivia Downing

Creating an Emotional Connection

Stories are powerful. They evoke emotions, create memories, and foster a sense of belonging.

When drinks brands use film to tell their story, they tap into these universal human experiences.

This was our goal when creating ‘The relentless pursuit of Flavour’ for Fever-Tree: a captivating film of their brand story, involving an eighteen-month endeavour to uncover timeless flavours.

By bringing these amazing landscapes and tales to life, we helped Fever-Tree’s consumers feel more connected to Fever-Tree’s origins.

Put simply, they were no longer just buying a mixer, but supporting a legacy, a passion, and a way of life.

Differentiation in a Competitive Market

From global giants to local artisans, the beverage market is saturated with options.

We knew in our brand identity work for Bedrock Gin, that in order to help them stand out, we needed to capitalise on their underdog story.

By telling their own story through a disruptive look and feel through our brand idea of ‘The Spirit of the Lakes’, we were able to transform a simple drink into a lifestyle choice: setting the brand apart from its competitors and helping it earn its place with mainstream distributors.

Engaging Content for Modern Consumers

Authenticity and engagement has never been more important to today’s consumers, particularly Gen Z.

Their personal values and beliefs are paramount, and as a consequence they are more likely to support brands that align with these.

For example, in the rise of a sober curious culture, it’s important that the work we create for our clients is relevant enough to stay current with the times.

‘The Pursuit of Flavour’ film we created for Fever-Tree was intended to highlight the foundation of their brand story.

But it also showed that in a world of compromise, no other brand does more in pursuit of flavour: a quality just as important to a non-drinking audience as it is to a drinking one.

Through visually stunning and emotionally resonant content, drinks brands can foster a loyal community of brand advocates.

Enhancing Brand Recall

A well-crafted brand identity can leave a lasting impression - particularly important in the drinks industry, where brand loyalty can lead to repeat purchases and long-term customer relationships.

A fusion of smart design, captivating narrative and a memorable idea, across a range of assets and channels can significantly enhance brand recall.

We used packaging, website, film and digital to bring Bedrock’s 'The Spirit of the Lakes' to life: centred on its unique Lake District roots.

By using clean topographical lines, embossed characteristics and distinct markings to reflect the area's rugged features, we created an unforgettable brand story through words and visuals, enabling Bedrock to secure listings as well as standout in Booths & Ocado, Matthew Clarke wholesalers, and Masters of Malt.

Building a Narrative Around Product Launches

Rather than just announcing a new product, a film can be a great way for drinks brands to create anticipation and excitement about an upcoming launch.

The Fever-Tree launch in the US was made easier through the film we created, as it gave a new audience a flavour of what this new mixer on the block was all about: documenting the creation process, the inspiration behind the new flavour and the stories of people involved in the production.

From online then through to TVC, this generated buzz and fostered a sense of participation among consumers much faster than an announcement alone.

In an era where consumers crave connection and authenticity, brand storytelling emerges as a powerful tool for drinks brands.

It can reach consumers in a way traditional advertising can’t; creating a rich, immersive experience that resonates on an emotional level.

By leveraging the art of storytelling, drinks brands can differentiate themselves, engage modern consumers, enhance brand recall, and build lasting relationships.

Ultimately, it’s not just about selling a drink. It’s about sharing a story that consumers want to be a part of.

If you’d like to learn more about our experience within the drinks industry, please contact our Senior Client Director and drinks branding specialist, David Beattie, via


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