May 13, 2024

Strategic Thinking: What is brand strategy?

Strategy Director, Caroline Whittaker, gets to the core of what strategy means and breaks down our ‘360 approach’ with brands

Caroline Whittaker

Strategy Director

“Forget what you think about wordy, cerebral presentations. Forget ‘brand-y’ language and lazy generational stereotypes. Strategy is about connecting brands with people. Simple.”

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Strategy can be many things to many different people. 

The way we frame it at Continuous is to think of it simply as linking together the business problem with the customer problem and creating a robust plan that effectively answers both.

Insight gives us that link; a new way of seeing the customer.

It’s not about observing what they do but getting to the nub of why they do it. 

This is why strategy is the foundation to brilliant branding, especially when the world is changing fast.

Continuous Strategy Director, Caroline Whittaker

In a landscape where every voice has a platform and every piece of information is accessible, if you haven’t stopped to assess, the world will move on without you. 

Whether it’s brand building or brand activation, we believe strategy is your chance to assess.

To ensure effectiveness, to ensure success – it doesn’t have to take time.

As Uri Baruchin (the strategist to the strategists) said, a jet pilot can be strategic in 30 seconds in the air.

It can take time or it can be a quick fix but it should always be simple, actionable, and collaborative. 

Continuous Strategist, Neil Sheakey

Forget what you think about wordy, cerebral presentations. Forget ‘brand-y’ language. Forget lazy generational stereotypes.

We believe strategy is all about connection. It connects brands with people. Simple.

At Continuous, we believe the people involved are more than just a brand’s core audience, or even wider consumers.

It’s their employees, who can be either a secret weapon or a worst nightmare. It’s the people that sell their product, the third parties.

It’s why our end point is never an ad or a campaign. It’s why our strategies are created for more than just creatives. They aim for a reaction. And then an action. Our strategies don’t just live on a page.

That’s why our team is built around brand, culture, and experience. The holy trinity.

We consider your long term vision and goals, the culture that affects you both internally and externally and the way it turns into customer experience.

It’s a 360 approach that brings strategy to life. We look at your brand inside out and back to front, and from it, we create an action plan.

We create clarity and effectiveness; empowering our clients to face the future with confidence.

If you'd like to to talk to our team about strategy, feel free to get in touch with Strategy Director, Caroline Whittaker, by emailing


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