The Signature Collection


A commercial product launch to trigger a human reaction


increase in launch film views on LinkedIn, compared to the previous best


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The ambition

Amtico is the market leader in luxury vinyl floor tiles. For the launch of its new premium Signature collection, the brand wanted to bring the range in line with its overarching brand idea of ‘create with care’.

The launch campaign needed to excite, entice and motivate its commercial customers to specify Signature in their projects. As well as bring the wow.

The insight

‘Care’ is the universal emotional need that unites all of Amtico’s external audiences and people. It’s rooted in trust and tangible experiences.

For its commercial customers, Amtico does this by caring about the things they care about, reducing risk and helping them realise their unique visions. And for Signature, care is delivered through detail.

The idea

The human eye reveals our true emotions – our pupils dilate when we marvel at something. But similarly, the distinct patterns of the iris, unique in each of us, are themselves works of art.

‘More than meets the eye’ uses a visual metaphor to illustrate the intricacies of the Signature collection and an expression of wonder, showcasing exactly the response Amtico desires from its customers and their clients.

The impact

Not only does this campaign drive sales in the short-term, but it shifts Amtico’s approach to longer-term brand building.

Drawing on the overarching brand idea drives saliency and improves perception, leaving Amtico’s customers to feel that they’re taken care of at every step of the flooring journey.

“As always, the Continuous team has done a fantastic job. Working to a tight timescale, they delivered a highly creative campaign that sets us apart in our category. It has wowed staff and specifiers alike, and fully conveys our Amtico brand vision.”

Holly Johnson
Marketing Director at Amtico

Never stand still

When uncertainty and shifting expectations are the new normal, brands no longer need radical transformation. What’s needed is long-term thinking and the ability to adapt quickly.

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