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Real Madrid super fan stood with her arms out stretched to the side and holding two lit flares.

Superfans and Superheroes

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The US switches on to UEFA Champions League


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greater views for fan videos vs. heroes


of US fans say football is their favourite sport to watch

The ambition

The sporting landscape in the US is changing. Football is on the rise. The beautiful game may not be part of America’s sporting past, but it’s sure destined to be in its future. And Bleacher Report is the ever-present energy surrounding the new sporting conversation, igniting a football revolution.

Having acquired the rights to UEFA’s Champions League, the brand had one thing in mind; connect the world’s most prestigious club competition with the audience of the fastest growing sport in the US.

Image of LA Galaxy fans outside their stadium.
The insight

Americans love getting the inside scoop. Whether it’s celebrity, successful businesses or crazy sports/soccer fans, they just can’t get enough of the human stories; which is one reason why so much US television is reality-based.

These stories are the ones that truly engage us; authentic and inspiring stories of passionate people.

Image of Mohamed Salah being interviewed.
Image of Anthony Borges kneeling down to tie his football boots.
A Borussia Dortmund fan entering the platform from a stairwell.
Illustration of Kaka with the text 'The Forgotten Genius'.
The idea

While investigating why football is taking off in the US, we uncovered stories of some of America’s super fans – people like Real Madrid obsessive Maria, and the LFC supporters who write terrace anthems for the club.

‘Superfans and superheroes’ explored the myths behind the legends, uncovering the stories that captured the essence of the game, the spirit and commitment of the fans, and the moments that matter most. Showcasing fan stories harnessed the passion to overcome preconceptions and win over new fans, while a series of candid ‘real talk’ interviews with global stars such as Neymar and Pep Guardiola provided insight and interest for established supporters.

Female Real Madrid fan stood up cheering from the stand in a stadium.
Yellow wall text graphic
A close crop of Borussia Dortmund's famous yellow wall (their crowd).
An illustration of Kaka running down down a tunnel with the text 'attack' on the walls
Three images of Son Heung-min
Illustration of the name Neymar, with Neymar's face
The impact

Before key workers and ‘normal’ people were being hailed as heroes during Covid lockdowns, our campaign drew on the strengths, passion and commitment of everyday folk. Giving old and new fans alike a reason to connect.

Though the films of Neymar and Pep Guardiola gained plenty of traction (400k+ views), the real stars were the fan videos, with nearly four times the views: Maria’s obsessive travels gaining 1.5m+ views, and 1.8m+ for Liverpool’s terrace anthems. Perhaps this is just one of the reasons why, according to a Washington Post poll in 2022, nearly as many Americans now call soccer their favourite sport to watch (8%) as they do baseball (11%).

Pep Guardiola stands in front of a giant TV screen watching footage of a game.
Never stand still

When uncertainty and shifting expectations are the new normal, brands no longer need radical transformation. What’s needed is long-term thinking and the ability to adapt quickly.

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