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Create your world


Rebranding to bring order to a world of Chaos.


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The ambition

For over 20 years, Chaos Group has developed a range of world-leading software products for 3D rendering and high-end visualisation. Its flagship product (V-Ray) is integral to most photo-real computer graphics and is used by countless designers and artists across the world. But many were unaware of the full range of products available to them.

With ambitious growth plans, how could the group reduce reliance on its superstar product, cross-sell its entire portfolio, and become synonymous with end-to-end visualisation?

Empowering word-changing visualization
Seamlessly connected, intuitive to use – our tools unlock your most creative work
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The insight

Chaos Group creates technology that empowers artists and designers to digitally visualise anything they can imagine. Worlds that are welcoming, creative, optimistic and colourful.

The opportunity was to shape a brand proposition to establish clear ownership of its growing portfolio. One that enabled selling across its entire ecosystem of products à la Google or Adobe.

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The idea

‘Create your world’ positions the products as building blocks of creativity, empowering users to create their world, their way – with Chaos as the core building block.. Product names include the newly shortened ‘Chaos’ to transfer equity to the master brand, as well as elevate all products to the same status as V-Ray. Adding a splash of colour to revitalised icons also better reflect the name and functionality of each product.

The power and capability of the brand is brought to life through a dynamic visual brand identity, using visual language created from the software itself. It’s unique, ownable, and it differentiates Chaos from its competitors, as well as creating endless possibilities for future growth.

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The impact

Focusing on giving Chaos a clear brand proposition, V-Ray’s equity has successfully transferred to the corporate brand, establishing ownership of its growing product portfolio.

And in less than one year following the relaunch, Chaos merged with competitor Enscape to form a global powerhouse operating under the Chaos brand – due to its strong brand within the industry.

The Chaos logo strapline with create your world.
“Since our new look launched, I have been amazed at how seemingly effortlessly the brand has been adopted and accepted. We made some big changes and to see the new branding serving its purpose and effectively tying our products and company together is very rewarding.”

Melissa Knight
Creative Director of Marketing at Chaos

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“Going in we knew that Continuous would be the perfect creative partner for Chaos. Their unique brand and visualization experience let us hit the ground running. Throughout the entire process, they were an amazing group to work with. We couldn’t be happier, and I think the results speak for themselves.”

Lon Grohs
Global Head of Creative at Chaos

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When uncertainty and shifting expectations are the new normal, brands no longer need radical transformation. What’s needed is long-term thinking and the ability to adapt quickly.

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