Unlocking growth for Mitre through new sales channels

Opened up new sales channels

Secured long-running Disney partnership

The ambition

Giants like Nike and Adidas have a grip on the football market. From the young fans and grassroots players, to the highest level of the sport. As the oldest football brand in the world, Mitre wanted to connect with a new, much younger audience.

And take the conversation away from ‘faster, higher, stronger performance’, back to the roots of the game.

The insight

To a child, a ball means playtime but also friends, a tribe, confidence, personal expression, a whole world. We wanted to take the best bits of what a ball can be and open it right up to an even younger audience.

Scriball is a new product and brand aimed at 2-5 year olds (beyond grassroots) to connect with footballers of the future. Working with Mitre's initial character sketch, we built a bright universe that would inspire fair play, practice and fun.

The idea

Providing everything kids need to decorate and create their very own keepsake football, Scriball is a unique way to keep their creative juices flowing and to make positive memories, without the pressure of performance.

The impact

The innovation and brand campaign put Mitre back on the wish-lists of a whole new generation, driving brand loyalty from a younger age.

And not only did it speak to children and parents, but also to buyers – opening up new sales channels into multiples across toys and grocery, as well as a long-running partnership with Disney through its Star Wars and Marvel brands.

Never stand still

When uncertainty and shifting expectations are the new normal, brands no longer need radical transformation. What’s needed is long-term thinking and the ability to adapt quickly.

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