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Love The Feeling


From budget to benefit - A global Primark rebrand to inspire a bigger, brighter feeling

The ambition

To boost global expansion plans, Primark wanted to bring consistency and cohesion to its brand by uniting values, purpose and strategic approaches under one single, customer-facing brand idea.  And across everything from its rich creative expression to dynamic employee onboarding programmes.

But how could Primark achieve this when the solution had to gain complete buy-in from hundreds of staff and stakeholders while working across global markets, aligning perceptions and accommodating a range of life stages?

The idea needed to have enough flex within the brand design framework to represent what Primark is now, and in the future. Stretching identity and purpose no matter the occasion, campaign, application, sustainability drive or product offer.

The insight

Primark has come to embody more than just ‘amazing fashion at amazing prices’. It’s evolved into creating maximum joy at minimum cost – whether providing a fantastic working environment for its employees, improving workers’ lives in the supply chain, or making sustainable fashion more affordable for all. 

If Primark is anything,  it’s about people and how it makes them feel.

The idea

‘Love The Feeling’ encompasses everything Primark wants its customers to experience; both when in-store and generally going about their day. Whether they’ve saved money on the school shop, are buzzed to have had a Mickey Mocha in the Disney Café or are thrilled that their new jeans are helping to reduce waste on the planet, they’ll love the feeling associated with Primark.

Brought to life through a new creative expression and tone of voice, Love The Feeling’s brand design framework allows for flexibility across three brand applications (Core, Extended and Extra) to enable creative flex for varying campaigns and audiences.

The impact

Launching to over 300 of Primark’s global leaders at their annual conference to galvanise the team behind the brand’s next chapter, Love the Feeling and its design framework ensures Primark looks continually fresh and unique, but more importantly, on brand.

Distilling the very best of Primark and what it means to the people involved, consumer research highlighted that the new positioning strengthens future perceptions of the brand, with great experience, good value, durable and ethics all scoring more highly than before.

It unifies the entire Primark experience from London to Boston, and provides endless possibilities for ensuring everyone Loves The Feeling both now and in the future.

“Love the feeling of the clothes, homeware, price… it’s just Primark for me … everybody can love the feeling.”

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When uncertainty and shifting expectations are the new normal, brands no longer need radical transformation. What’s needed is long-term thinking and the ability to adapt quickly.

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