It’s Here!


Lighting up nostalgic, festive feels for Primark shoppers.


YOY sales (16 weeks to 7 Jan 2023)


YOY sales in city centre stores

The ambition

Primark wanted to position themselves as everyone’s first-stop shop for Christmas: capitalising on early bird shoppers just as much as last-minute dashers.

Not just this, but they also challenged us with a campaign that had to be global, translatable, and culturally flexible, for occasions such as Hanukkah, Black Friday and so on.

The insight

People have started to plan earlier and earlier for Christmas, but everyone has that moment when they feel that Christmas is really here. It’s that first Christmas song on the radio; the first time you see a sprinkling of snow.

Regardless of when that moment is, Primark wanted to get savvy shoppers to think of Primark first this season by connecting the brand to their first day of Christmas, and to leave them with the feeling of comfort and joy.

The idea

‘It’s here!’ Pulling from our own festive memories, we used retro art direction in our photography and film to land that feeling of a nostalgic Christmas universal to us all. This complemented Primark’s product line this year, which was very novelty and traditional, as well as landing the idea and sentiment better on a global scale.

Our campaign line also worked hard by having two meanings: capturing the excitement and joy we get when we first feel festive and working as a directive.

That whenever Christmas begins for you, it’s here, at Primark, where you can get it all.

A man holding a jacket over his shoulder
The impact

‘It’s here!’ was perfect for Primark to deliver joy as part of the wider Love The Feeling brand positioning. The simple line translated effectively across its global territories, resonating with audiences all over the world.

Described by the client as their ‘best ever Christmas campaign’, it's clear that first-day feeling was felt by their team as much as their customers.

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